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Old News, Views and Announcements : January - December 2004
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December 2004

197.   Academic work postponed      Posted:28/12/2004      Updated:31/12/2004
The academic work of the University for engineering undergraduate students will not commence on 3rd January 2004 on account of the heavy sufferings caused by Tsunami 9.0/2004. Commencement of academic work, including scheduled examinations has been postponed till Tuesday 25th January 2005.
Some pictures of the Tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka from the Guardian Unlimited.

196.   Menu bar now works on Firefox as well         Posted:21/12/2004
I discovered that Firefox was being unecessarily fuzzy in that it did not like to work with !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "". When I deleted the doctype, the menubar which was in hiding came out. Hopefully it will now work fine.
195.   National Science Foundation Research Grants 2005         Posted:21/12/2004
The National Science Foundation Research Grants 2005 are now available on a competitive basis. Among these are the Research Grants, Research Scholarships for outstanding Science & Engineering graduates for higher studies, and Research Fellowships for outstanding Postdoctoral Scientists/Engineers . Further details are available at the NSF website. Applications close on 31st January 2005.
194.   samaye_arunalu 2004 Samaye Arunalu 2004 - University Carols         Posted:20/12/2004
chistmas carollers The Universies in the Colombo region took part in the samaye_arunalu 2004 Samaye Arunalu 2004, a programme of University Carols, at St.Peter's College Hall on Sunday 19th December 2004. Those who took part were from the Universities of Moratuwa, Colombo, Kelaniya and Jayawardenapura, and from the Medical Faculties at Colombo and Ragama. The distinguished Chief Guest for the occasion was His Grace the Archbishop of Colombo. The hall was full students, lecturers, parents and wellwishers. The event was organised by the Sri Lanka University Catholic Student Movement of which the current President is Ayantha Gomes who just graduated from Civil Engineering of the University of Moratuwa.
193.   Tree Planting and 5S activities         Posted:18/12/2004     Updated:20/12/2004
The Staff of the University of Moratuwa will embark on the 5 S activities today (18 December). The activities will commence with Tree Planting by the University Staff from 0845 to 0945 hrs followed by S1 - Seiri or Sort of the 5S activities.
Update: The event started with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Vice Chancellor (Prof Dayantha Wijesekera) and of the University Flag by the Co-ordinator of the 5 S Programme (Prof Charles Senarath).
192.   Goes Overseas on Sabbatical Leave         Posted:18/12/2004
Dr Nanadana Rajatheva and Dr Pani Dharmawardena of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering have gone overseas recently on Advanced Sabbatical Leave to the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom respectively.
191.   Friday 20th December, Friday 21st December and Friday 24th December         Posted:17/12/2004
In preparation for Christmas, the Faculty of Engineering has decided to have three Fridays (20th, 21st and 24th December) in the week commencing 20th Decmber 2004. This helps in having more Christmas parties, as they are generally held on Fridays at the start of the weekend. The official reason given however is that there were many holidays falling on Fridays during the Semester just about to end, and that the academic time table needs balancing. Thus Friday academic work will be conducted on 20th December and 21st December while 24th December has been declared a University holiday by the University.
190.   U of M EE Graduates pass the Millenieum         Posted:15/12/2004
I am happy to announce the passing of the thousandth electrical engineering graduate from the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa.

The Full List of EE graduates from inception and the graphical growth are also available.

189.   B Sc Engineering, Degree Results - November 2004         Posted:15/12/2004    Updated: 15/12/2004
The Board of Examiners for the award of the BSc Engineering degree was held today, for the first batch passing out in the new Curriculum under the Semester System (Intake 2000). The results have been put on the Notice Boards subject to confirmation by the University Senate.
The classification of results (for those completing a minimum of 135 GPA credits and 15 non-GPA credits) and meeting set criteria is as follows. In the new Semester system, the electrical engineering students work closely with those from electronics & telecommunications engineering and with those from computer science & engineering departments in the CE3 group.
Result Overall Electrical Engineering Electronic & Telecom Computer Sc & Eng
First Class44 051013
Second Class (Upper Division)1883134 24
Second Class (Lower Division)15312 0309
Ordinary Passes2201 - -
188.    General Convocation 2005         Posted: 15/12/2004
The General Convocation for the presentation of degrees will be held on 11 March 2005 at the BMICH in two sessions. All graduands who would be participating in the General Convocation 2005 are required to supplicate for the conferment of the degree on or before 15th January 2005.
187.   Test of New Menu bar compatible with Mozilla
         Posted: 13/12/2004
     Updated: 14/12/2004 I have had numerous inquiries about the Blue Menu Bar on the top frame not appearing in Mozilla, and whether I could correct the same. I have found that it is not a problem with the code, but that common menu bars do not appear on Mozilla, and that Menu bars compatible with Mozilla are quite often not compatible with Internet Explorer. After much searching, I came across NavStudio (OpenCube Inc.) which allows menus compatible with mozilla and other browsers to be made. I have partially created a new menu bar with their assistance and modifying it manually to achieve my desired effect. I would be grateful for my readers, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla to please comment on it before I implement it as a replacement for the present menu bar.

P.S. There appears to be some differences between the created menu bar and the one that is appearing in Internet Explorer. I will have to check it out. Anyway, I would still be glad for comments. A few teething problems are still to be ironed out.

186.   Minimum "Z" Score for selection from April 2004 A/L
         Posted: 13/12/2004
The UGC has released the Minimum "Z" Score for selection to the various courses of study in respect of each district a few days ago. The University of Moratuwa intends to have the inauguration for the students who have been selected for the BSc Engineering course in January 2005.
A comparison of "Z" scores for 2004/05 is also available on our web site. The corresponding "Z scores" for the previous intake is also available on our site.
185.   Supplication for General Convocation 2005       Posted: 07/12/2004
graduateNotice of Supplication for the General Convocation 2005 to be held on 11th March 2005 has been published. The closing date for supplications is 15 January 2005. The supplication fee for the first degree is Rs 650/- while for postgraduate degrees is Rs 850/-. (In Absentia only Rs.200/=). Supplication form for the first degree pdf format (on white paper) and postgraduate degrees pdf format (on yellow paper) are available at this site. Official forms can be obtained from the SAR/Examinations. An application form to request Academic Transcripts is also included for the convenience of graduands.
184.   Dr Dharshana Muthmuni visits the Department         Posted:07/12/2004
Dr Dharshana Muthumuni, Simulation and Research Engineer, Manitoba HVDC Research Centre, Canada, visited the department in November 2004. He had fruitful discussions with the academic staff.

November 2004

183.   Master's degree group photograph updated
The feature of getting the name of a person by moving thepointer on top of a person was I understand not working on some browsers such as firefox. I have hopefully corrected this feature. group photograph. I notice that some other features such as the menu bar and the counter do not work with firefox. I do not know how to correct the situation and would be grateful for any help.
182.   We are with You - Some Pictures         Posted:29/11/2004
Some Pictures of the We Are With You programme for the Children of the Deaf School have now been posted on the web.
181.   Visitors to the Department         Posted:29/11/2004
Prof Anura Jayasumana, from the Colorado State University (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering), visited the department and gave a presentation on Thursday 25th November 2004 at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room. He also had fruitful discussions with the academic staff. The presentation was organised by the EESoc as part of its regular Lecture Series.

Dr Sarath Perera, from the School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Wollongong (who is one of the two external examiners for the BSc Engineering course in electrical engineering) visited the department and had fruitful discussions with senior academic staff. He is also the Technical Director of the Integral Energy Power Quality and Reliability Centre of the University of Wollongong.

180.   Innovations UOM 2005          Posted:29/11/2004    Updated: 02/09/2005
100 Innovative projects and Innovative ideas of the undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa, which may be commercialised, is planned to be displayed at an Exhibition at the Sirimavo Bandaranayake Exhibition Center (BMICH) during 24th-26th January 2005 [Postponed 16-18 September 2005]. In addition MSc projects/Research may also be displayed. There would be 15 Commercial stalls and 5 stalls from other Universities at this exhibition. Awards are expected to be given to the Best Five projects evaluated based upon the Innovation, Presentation and Marketability. This would motivate future projects to have good market orientation.
Postponed due to clases with academic programme.
179.   B.Sc. Engineering Examination Schedule - January 2005         Posted:29/11/2004
The examination schedule, as released by the SAR/Examination, for Level 1 Semester 2, Level 3 Semester 1, Level 4 Semester 1, is reproduced for your convenience. All three examinations commence on Monday 3rd January 2005, with the Level 1 examination generally commencing at 1600 hrs, Level 3 examination at 0930 hrs and the Level 4 examination commencing at 1230 hrs.
178.   Results of PG Diploma in Electrical Engineering 2003/05       Posted 24/11/2004
The Board of Examination Meeting for the PG Diploma in Electrical Engineering 2003/05 was held today 24th November 2004. 23 candidates have become eligible for the PG Diploma. Eligible candidates who wish to proceed for the M Sc may register for the second year by paying Rs 11,500/= on or before 09/12/2004.
A preliminary discussion on the research project, for those who register, is scheduled for 09/12/2004 at 1400 hrs. They may contact the course coordinator for further details.
177.   Technical Papers based on Level 4 Final Year Projects         Posted:17/11/2004
The Technical Papers based on Level 4 Final Year Projects of the 2000 intake for the BSc Engineering degree in the Specialisation of Electrical Engineering are now available in the web in PDF form.
176.   We are With You! - A Programme for Deaf Children         Posted:16/11/2004
It is a pity that the young students of the Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (at Ratmalana) are generally left only to the fences of their own fields. Although differently gifted, their creativity and feelings towards the nature are second to none.
It is sad that the community has forgotten such importance in these young children, and not often got involved in common functions for these youth. Though the Schools are funded by various organisations, what these students lack is the love and care from the Community.
The Electrical Engineering Society (EESoc) of the University of Moratuwa has realised the importance of making them believe that they are being loved by the Community and not left behind. Thus it is the intention of the members of EESoc to raise the moral of these young ones (at the School for the Deaf), so that their talents and skills are not buried in silence. Our vision is to prepare the minds of these children, in making them value-adding citizens in the future.
EESoc will again be conducting the We are with You! programme for children of the Deaf School, Ratmalana on Saturday 20th February 2004, from 1300 hrs to about 1800 hrs, at the University of Moratuwa premises for the fifth year in succession. The overwhelming support of the Deaf School and the University Community over the past has made the programme sustainable.
Around 200 children (day scholars and boarders) are expected to take part in the memorable events organised for this day. These include an Art Exhibition of the Children's paintings, a Cultural show, a Cartoon Show, a Magic Show, a Sports Carnival, a Debate and a Quiz Programme for the Children. The events will take place in 3 age groups (7 - 19 years). Each child will go back with happy memories and gifts.
In addition, as has been the practice in all the previous events (February 2004, January 2003), donation of hearing aids and repair of defective hearing accessories will be carried out.
175.   Master's degree group photograph updated
The group photograph has been updated giving the names of persons as in a normal photo, as well as giving the name of each individual person when the pointer is moved on top of the person.
174.   Gold Medal Award for Best Electrical Engineering Student
The first batch from the new Semester system will be graduating soon. The University has decided that there will be no overall Gold Medal covering all the fields of Engineering, but that there will be a Gold Medal for each field.
Until now, the Professor Ted Parish Award has been given to the Best student in the electrical engineering field securing an overall average of over 70%. In the new system, this will be converted to an overall GPA exceeding 3.70. However, it has also been accepted to give a Gold Medal to the best performer in lieu of the present Award, if the candidate secures a higher GPA (for example, exceeding 3.80). Funds are required to institute this award.
The department has taken upon itself to seek this funding Gold Medal through the Electrical Engineering Society. We would be extremely grateful for your generous contribution towards this award. The method of payment is given in the letter from the EESoc. For further details contact Head/Electrical Engineering.
173.   New Senior Asssistant Registrar for Faculty of Engineering
Ms Ruchira P Wijesuriya will take over as the Senior Assistant Registrar in charge of the Faculty of Engineering with effect from today 1 November 2004. She will succeed Ms Priyanthi Daluwatte who resigned from the University at the end of last month to take up an assignment at the Sarvodaya.

October 2004

172.   Master's degree photograph
The group photograph of the Master's taught course in electrical engineering was taken on 15th October. They also had a farewell get-together for the academic staff on the same night. photographs
171.santa   Coming Soon Magic Charm No. 19witch
On 31st October, Computer kids (including many Computer, Electrical, and Electronic & Telecom students) would like to celebrate Christmas also known as the 19th Magic Charm, while the rest of the kids in the world will be celebrating Haloween. "Charm 19" (Hex 19) = Christmas (Dec 25) = Haloween (Oct 31)
Editors'sNote: If you cannot understand that OCT 31 = DEC 25 = HEX 19 click here.
Note: Some descriptions will appear when the mouse is on top of certain words
170. Trical Nite 2004 - an update
         Posted:28/10/2004    Updated:29/10/2004
oil lampElectrical Nite 2004 for welcoming the Level 2 students to the electrical enginering department, by the Seniors, took place in a grand scale at the University Gymnasium on Tuesday 26th October.

The evening got underway soon after 1930 hrs, with the traditional lighting of the oil lamp with short speeches from Prof Ranjit Perera, Prof Rohan Lucas and Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara. Among the other Senior Academic Staff members present were Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara and Dr Lanka Udawatte from the department, and Dr Amith Munindradasa and Dr Priyantha Thilakumara from the electronics and telecommunications engineering department. click
The compering for the event was carried out by Hasini and Dinuk, with the entertainment laid out being co-ordinated by Nadeesh and Chathura on an innovative and entertaining computer projection on the wall.
As has been the practice in recent years, a Drama was enacted by almost all the Level 2 students, under the title Electrical Montessori where the "children" played the fool and sang nursery rhymes. However, it lacked the preparation, quality and innovativeness of the very high quality dramas enacted in the past. 2003, 2002. [Editors Note: Level 2 & Level 3 students please take note of this and ensure that future entertainment events will continue to include the high quality dramas, with obviously an associated element of mud-slinging mada gaseema, which has been a hallmark of the electrical get-togethers].

Among the other events which were interspersed between songs were the following.

The entertainment was followed by the staff and students mingling with each other and followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner. The senior academic staff left at about 2300 hrs. The DJ and dancing would have probably gone on till the wee hours of the morning. freshers night

169.   Electrical Fresher's Night
The Electrical Fresher's Night to welcome the new student to the electrical engineering department (at Level 2) will be held today 26th October 2004 commencing at 1900 hrs at the University Gymnasium. The event is organised by the level 3 students. Senior academic staff will also participate in the event.
168.   Anouncement for LKiNG Local Camp
The department of computer science and engineering has sent me the following news item to be put on web, on the formation of LKing and the organising of a Camp.
Lanka Internet Network Group (LKing) is a newly formed organization of volunteers from the Universities of Sri Lanka. Its objective is to work in collaborations with Universities and other internet related organizations for the development of the Internet applications infrastructure and the technological know-how in the country.
LKiNG also represents the Local Committee for APNG - Asia Pacific Network Group.
As an innovating event LKiNG plans to organize a Camp on 25th and 26th November 2004. The objective of the camp is to develop the Internet in the country by improving the collaboration among Universities and other Internet related organizations in Sri Lanka.
It's a good opportunity for all of you to present your capabilities, meet people with similar interests, collaborate with other universities and organizations involve in Internet development in the country, learn from Internet pioneers in the country. Ultimately it will be an excellent opportunity for you to enhance your career in both knowledge and experience.
LKiNG Local Camp Organizing Committee
167.   IEE Sri Lanka Chairman's Talk 2004
Mr W A L W A Perera will deliver the IEE Sri Lanka Chairman's Lecture on the Topic Engineer as a Manager on Tuesday 9th November at the VIP Lounge, Galadari Hotel commencing 5.15 p.m. Mr Amarasiri Perera is the General Manager, Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt.) Ltd and took over as the Chairman of the IEE Sri Lanka with effect from 1 October 2004.


"Every situation in life needs to be managed. Different situation in an Engineer;s life or career have to be managed to achieve desired results. Engineer has to transform from being an Engineer to become a Manager and adapt to situations at hand to manage them. University education in engineering alone will not be sufficient for this transformation. This transformation or adaptation calls for management of one?s own self and people, as applicable in any given environment. To be a successful manager, application of different personal skills is necessary."
166.   Appointment of Dr Ranjit Perera as a Professor on Merit
HYR PereraDr H Y Ranjit Perera was promoted as a full Professor in Electrical Engineeing on merit by the University Council at its meeting held in September 2004. Professor Ranjit Perera is a graduate of the Department and completed his post graduate education leading to Dipl.-Ing and Dr.-Ing at the University of Technology, Aachen, Germany (RWTH Aachen). He is presently the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering. His research interests are queuing theory, stochastic processes and rural electrification. He is the fourth person to hold the post of Professor in the department, and the third on merit.
Our congratulations go to him on his recent promotion. email your congratulations
165.   EE Glossary Updated      Posted 14/10/2004
The Electrical Engineering Glossary has been updated by The online dictionary is also separately available under the menu item Search.
164.   Advanced Circuit Theory Notes      Posted 13/10/2004
The Teaching/Learning Plan and the Notes of the subject EE321 - Advanced Circuit Theory taught by Professor H Sriyananda is available in the web under the menu item Acad.Files -> Notes -> Subject: Systems Approach to circuits, measurement and control.
163.   Techno 2004 Exhibition      Posted 13/10/2004
Techno 2004 Exhibition will be held on 15th-16th October, 2004 at BMICH.
162.   Most Silent Windturbine wins Prestigious Award      Posted 11/10/2004
The Windturbine designed and constructed by final year undergraduate students was considered the Most Silent Ever by the panel of judges consisting of senior academics and practitioners. The windturbine was so silent that you could virtually hear a pin drop, and not even the highly sensitive anemometer located nearby showed any movement.

The small windturbine had been originally located near the beach at a site in Moratuwa and had generated the expected output at a low cost and shown good performance. The windturbine had subsequently been relocated near the playing field at the University of Moratuwa for the convenience of the panel of judges.
Editor's Note: Tall buildings and trees prevented any wind from reaching the new site.

161.   Level 1 Projects - Details       Posted 11/10/2004
Details of the Level 1 Project.
160.   EESoc Award for the Best Final Year Project       Posted 08/10/2004   Updated 11/10/2004
The Level 4 Final Year Projects in the Electrical Engineering Stream which were demonstrated on 7th October and presented on 8th October 2004 to staff and students, was evaluated by a panel consisting of 7 Senior Academic Staff (Prof Rohan Lucas, Prof H Sriyananda, Dr J P Karunadasa, Dr Ranjit Perera, Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara, Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara and Dr Lanka Udawatte) of the Department of Electrical Engineering on 8th October. The high quality of the projects was very high and it was with a lot of deliberation that the Best Project was selected for the EESoc Award.
  1. Utilization of Wind Energy Resources in Sri Lanka picture
    • Peiris L R (000221)
    • Perera L A A N (000232)
    • Sandagiri C A (000300)
    • Siriwardana K A P (000317)
    • Soyza W H I D (000322)
    The Project was supervised by Dr. Nishantha Nanayakkara
The following Projects were placed second and third respectively.
  1. Automated robot for landmine detection picture, LLoyd C P, Madsinghe W D, Manathunge M M A S, and Piyathilake J M L C,    supervised by Dr. Thrishantha Nanayakkara
  2. Sound source localization assisted active security camera picture, Upendra G A, Vitharana U B, Wijekoon M P A, Wijesinghe, W P T,    supervised by Dr. Thrishantha Nanayakkara
159.   AIESEC Global Internship Program
AIESEC in University of Moratuwa has informed me that they will have an information session for the level 4 students of University of Moratuwa about the 'Global Internship Program' on Thursday the 7th October 2004 from 11.30am - 1.00pm at the Mechanical Engineering Seminar Room.
AIESEC in University of Moratuwa has been striving hard to persuade local undergraduates to take the opportunity provided by the Global Internship Program. For this calendar year only, we have been able to send 5 local undergraduates abroad on internships.

So, don't miss this opportunity.
Be there or be square!
For more information:
Write to us: OR
Call us: 072 2797725 or 077 3067671

158.   Non-Technical Subjects - Reschedule Re-Re-Modified
         Posted:01/10/2004      Updated:05/10/2004
The examination for the subject Psychology & Stress Management has again been rescheduled.
The examination for the subject Photography has had to be postponed as the syllabus for the subject has not been completed.
Please see item 153
157.    First Year Design/Skill Development Project Assessment
The First Year Design/Skill Development Project Assessments will be held according to the following schedule.

Monday 4th October 2004 Morning - Computer Science & Engineering
Afternoon - Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering
Wednesday 6th October 2004 Afternoon - Electrical Engineering - EE Seminar Room
1:30-1:50 p.m.G2EEG6, EEG7 Pill Counter
1:50-2:10 p.m.G3EEG3, EEG4 Advanced DC Power Pack
2:10-2:30 p.m.G7EEG1, EEG2 Timer Lamp
2:30-2:50 p.m.G10EEG5, EEG8 Light Activated Alarm
2:50-3:10 p.m.G19EEG9, EEG10Sound Activated Switch
Presentation should be limited to 10 minutes (~ 5 slides). It should effectively cover the topics given in the report. At the end of the presentation, the group should demonstrate the operation of the product. Please note that the total time for the presentation and demonstration should be less than 15 minutes.
156.    Nishad Udugampola Resigns
Nishad Udugampola, Probationary Lecturer in Electrical Engineering who undertook his postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge, UK has given his resignation with effect from 30th September 2004.

September 2004

155.    Final Year Project Assessment
The Electrical Engineering Final Year Project Assessments will be held according to the following schedule. Details will be available nearer the date.

Thursday 7th October 2004

14:30 - 17:00 Hrs - Project demonstrations Friday 8th October 2004 09:00 - 12:30 Hrs - Project Presentations (15 min each)
13:30 - 17:00 Hrs - Interviews
154.    Rescheduled Registration/Add/Drop
The Undergraduate Studies Division has informed that the deadlines for the Registration and Add/Drop have been extended as follows.
Registrations period
Level 2 - 2004/2005 (03 Batch) - up to 01/10/2004
Add/Drop period
Level 4 - (01 Batch) - up to 01/10/2004
Level 3 - (02 Batch) - up to 01/10/2004
153.    Rescheduled Examinations Re-Re-modified
         Posted:27/09/2004       Updated:05/10/2004
The following are the dates and times of the rescheduled examinations which have been released by the SAR Examinations. Please confirm information with official notice boards. Schedule has since been modified due to requests of students based on earlier commitments and on lecturers due to incomplete coverage of syllabus. Updated schedule is given below.
Date & TimeCodeLevelSubject
07 October
0930 hrs
DE229 4Photography
08 October
0930 hrs
DE231 4Professional Communication
08 October
0930 hrs1400 hrs
MN1011Engineering in Context
09 October
0930 hrs
DE233 4Sports Management
11 October
0930 hrs
12 October
0930 hrs
DE2314Professional Communication
13 October
0930 hrs
DE2334Sports Management
14 October
0930 hrs
DE2324Psychology and Stress management
15 October
0930 hrs
DE2344Public Administration
16 October
0930 hrs
DE232 4Psychology and Stress management
18 October
0930 hrs
DE2304Physical Fitness and Health
19 October
0930 hrs
DE2324Psychology and Stress management
20 October
0930 hrs
Note: Rescheduling of Examinations are normally not permitted as schedules are given well in advance. However, due to the recent disruption of academic activities, the examination time-table for the non-technical subjects had to be made with very short notice, inconveniencing students who had made alternate plans for the period. It is only on this account that the requests, where possible has been accomodated.
152.    Non-academic staff call off strike
The almost 4 week old strike by the Non-academic staff was called off today. Academic activities which had to be curtailed on account of the strike will resume on Wednesday 29th September 2004. The academic programs of the Faculty of Engineering will thus get shifted by exactly 4 weeks, as the disruption commenced on a Wednesday.
151.    Priyantha marries Ameesha
Priyantha Wijayatunga recently got married (Photo or Click) to Ms Ameesha Padmasiri and will come home to the hotel this evening. Our best wishes go the Priyantha and Ameesha on this happy occassion. email your congratulations
150.    IEE Sri Lanka AGM & Dinner - an update
The Annual General Meeting & Dinner of the IEE Sri Lanka was held on Saturday 18th September 2004 at the Hotel Galadari, Colombo. The meeting commenced at 1630 hrs with the Presentation of Awards for Short Courses conducted in 2003/04. This was followed by the Annual General Meeting and the Address by the New Chairman - Mr W A L W A Perera.
See Item 143 Click for new office bearers.
The Chief Guest for the Dinner was Mr Joe Varnakulasinghe who is a former Chairman of the IEE Sri Lanka branch, and who has been active in the electrical engineering field for over half a century.
149.   Web Page appearance updated features
  Update    While most menu items target the lower frame, a few items - such as Search Site, Staff Publications target the top frame. This makes the results of Searching the Site/Web, and Listing of Individual's Publications appear in the lower frame. The site thus becomes more user friendly, relieving viewers of the constant burden of moving back and forth between windows (I, as a web surfer, greatly dislike the back and forth motion that occurs with many commercial sites).
An  on-hover window  is proposed to be used over the top frame to enhance effects. Another Example

  News Item 145    Considering the comments made by my readers, I have suitably altered the appearance of the top menu. A Flash menu was not introduced due to the long delays caused in viewing our web pages. The menu bar was kept with the top frame to make it readily available even during scrolling. The menu bar was shifted to the bottom of the top frame to make it more visible. Similarly the menu items open upwards (rather than the standard downward) so as not to obstruct any important item.

148.   Google configured to Search Site
The Google search engine has now been configured, under search site/WWW and search engines to search the Departmental site as well as the University site in addition to the World Wide Web. This link will be permanently available under the menu item Department, University & Search. eranda gets ready to leave with heavy winter clothing and sunglasses
147.   Eranda Harinath to leave for higher studies in Newfoundland
Eranda Harinath is finally ready to leave for Newfoundland in Canada on 14th September 2004. Dr George Mann has been impatiently waiting for him to get his visa from the beginning of the month.
I have been sent a picture by email of him making his final preparations. I have been asked not to reveal the source of the picture. Picture shows him in thick clothing to protect him from the wind chill in Canada, sun glasses to reflect the glare coming from the pure white snow and a wide brimmed hat to catch any falling snow.
If you get 20% if the facts correct, the rest are obvious and must fall into place, even if the remaining 80% are grossly wrong assumptions.
Truth is only 20% correct.
20% = 2/10
   = (1+1)/10
   = 10/10
   = 100%
1 + 1 = 10

146.   Eleventh Annual Conference of IEE Sri Lanka
         Posted:10/09/2004    Posted:17/09/2004
The Eleventh annual conference of the IEE Sri Lanka will be held on Saturday 25th September 2004 at the Hotel Galadari, Colombo. 29 31 high quality papers will be presented in a full day programme. While the morning Session will be held altogether, the afternoon sessions will be held parallelly on account of the high number of papers.
145.   Menu position changed
Considering the comments made by my readers, I have suitably altered the appearance of the top menu. I hope you like it. A Flash menu was not introduced due to the long delays that would be caused in viewing our web pages. The menu was kept with the top frame to make it readily available to viewers even during scrolling. The menu bar was shifted to the bottom of the top frame to make it more visible. Similarly the menu items open upwards (rather than the standard downward) so as not to obstruct any important item.
144.   Are You Ready/Careers day rescheduled
Due to circumstances completely beyond the control of University of Moratuwa, the Are You Ready/Careers day, scheduled for Tuesday 7th September 2004, has had to be postponed. The tentative rescheduled date is Saturday 18th September 2004 (to be confirmed)

The Rotoract Club of the University of Moratuwa has sent in their sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused, and earnestly appeal to you to be present for the programme on the rescheduled date.

143.   IEE Sri Lanka Committee deemed elected uncontested
As no other nominations has been received, the Committee proposed by the present IEE Sri Lanka Committee will be deemed to be elected uncontested at the AGM to be held later this month.
Mr W A L W A Perera, present Vice Chairman will take over as the new Chairman on 1 October 2004 for the session 2004-2005, and will be the Branch Representative in the IEE Council.
Prof Mrs I J Dayawansa, present Honorary Secretary will take over as Vice Chairman, Mr N A G Senanayake, present Honorary Treasurer will take over as Honorary Secretary, Mr R I Senaratne, will take over as Honorary Treasurer, while Mr K B M I Perera the present Honorary Assistant Secretary will continue in that post.
Prof J R Lucas will continue as the International Membership Advisor, while Mr D R Pullaperuma and Mr P K Wickramarachchi will be the Past Chairman in the Committee.
The remaining members of the Committee are Prof K K Y W Perera, Mr G J N L Soysa, Mr M Zubair, Mr T Gunasena, Dr J B Ekanayake, Dr L S Wickramaratne, Mr M Ramasundara, Mr P Undugodage, Mr H C M Fonseka, Prof P D C Wijayatunga, Mrs B P N Mendis, and Mr R Jayanthan.
142.   Shantha Fernando becomes first Chartered Engineer in IT
Although the Institution of Engineers - Sri Lanka formed an IT Section a few years ago, the first person to get the Chartered Status through the IT route occured only recently when Eng Shantha Fernando was admitted as a Chartered Engineer of the Institution.
Shantha is a First Class honours BScEng graduate from the University of Moratuwa and started his career as a software engineer in 1993. He also obtained the MPhil degree from the University of Moratuwa in 2000 and joined the staff of the University of Moratuwa with a wealth of experience from Industry. In addition to his teaching, he continues to work with the IT industry and corporate sector in the capacity of an IT consultant, and is reading towards the doctoral degree on e-learning based education. Our congratulations go to him. email your congratulations
[Extracted from the front page top feature article of the Sri Lanka Engineering News, August 2004].
141.   Woman of Achievement Award in Engineering - 2004
Professor Mrs Indra Dayawansa, Department of Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering, University of Moratuwa has been selected for the Woman of Achievement Award by the Zonta Club of Colombo.
140.   Non Academic Staff Strike Disrupts Academic Work
The academic activities of the University came to a halt yesterday (1st September) as the non-academic staff have gone on a continuous strike.

August 2004

139.    Lecture Series On " Engineers As Entrepreneurs "
Inaugural lecture: Entrepreneurship -An Important Attribute in Engineering Education
I have been sent the following notice to be displayed in the News by the Engineering Design Center.
Date: Thursday 2nd September 2004
Time: 10.15 am to 11.30 am (45-minute presentation and 30 minute Q&A session)
Venue: Textile Auditorium ACCIMT Auditorium
Audience: Interested Academics, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.
Coordinated by : Engineering Design Centre (EDC) with the guidance of the Dean Faculty of Engineering.
Presenter: Mr. Chuck Peddle
Electronics Engineer Chuck Peddle is mostly known as the main designer of the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor; the KIM-1 SBC;and its successor the Commodore Pet school/business/home computer, both based on the 6502. The 650x series CPUs was made as an answer to the Motorola 6800.  Peddle has worked at Motorola from 1973 on the development of the 6800 processor, but then left for MOS Technology and there headed the design of the 650x family of processors, the most famous member being the 6502 which was subsequently used in very many microcomputer devices (there well known examples from the consumer market are the Apple II, the Commodore VIC-20 and the Nintendo Entertainment System aka NES). In the meantime, Commodore (CBM) had bought MOS. In 1980, Peddle left CBM/MOS together with CBM financer Chris Fish to found the company Sirius Systems technology.

At present he is the Chief Technical Officer for the Celltron group of Companies, who manufacture memory modules for global computer market. These days he is in Sri Lanka working for Celltron Lanka at Pallekele EPZ.
138.    Postgraduate Studies at AIT
Nuwan has sent me a news item for the web that he has received from the AIT Reporter. It is said that all postgraduate students at AIT travel by bike and those who come afresh have to learn to ride. The text in the accompanying picture has been deleted as it is factually incorrect.
P.S. It appears that the Reporter is a Mahadanamutta and has added one plus one to make ten (01+01=10) since he knows a micro-amount of arithmetic and a micro-amount of binary and has got the two mixed up. He has got two facts correct (1. Girls and Boys are students at AIT, and 2. Students use the bike as the main mode of transport) and has made up the balance eight (10-2=8), all of which now appear to be grossly incorrect.
137.   IEE YMS Sri Lanka Annual Technical Conference 2004
The Annual Technical Conference of the IEE YMS Sri Lanka was held on Saturday 28th August 2004 at the E O E Pereira Theatre, University of Peradeniya. Over 20 papers were presented, mainly from the University of Peradeniya and the University of Moratuwa . A number of staff members and students from these universities, officials of the IEE Sri Lanka and officials of the IEE YMS Sri Lanka also participated in the event.
The List of papers that were presented are given below, with those that were listed but not presented, striked out and the initials of the university given at the end.
  1. A modification to the old instrument landing system at Bandaranaike international airport-UoPeradeniya
  2. Condition detector-UoP
  3. Data logger for traffic surveying-UoP
  4. Design of stepper motor controller-UoP
  5. Far field antenna test range measurement equipment-UoP
  6. Finite element mesh generation using commercial CAD packages-UoP
  7. Magnetic recording head optimizer-UoP
  8. Computer controlled DC servo motor-UoMoratuwa
  9. Develop a small Scale windmill for the electrification of a rural home-UoM
  10. Digital anemometer-UoM
  11. Digital lux meter with a computer interface-UoM
    Implementation of a method to detect unauthorized tapping of the service cable-UoM
  12. Measurement of wind speed-UoM
    Power line based intercom-UoM
  13. Software controlled multi mode single phase inverter-UoM
    RF network planning tool for optimize of CAP In fixed wireless systems-OpenU
  14. Intelligent watering system in agriculture-UoRuhuna
  15. Micro controller trainer kit-UoR
  16. Cost benefit analysis of voice over internet protocol-UoR
  17. New concept of nano grids-UoP
  18. New starting and speed control concept for single phase capacitor start induction motor-UOP
  19. PC based fame cutter-UoP
  20. PCB drilling controller-UoP
  21. Remote controlling of home appliances through A telephone line-UoP
136.   Visit to 5S award winning institutions by senior university staff
Senior University staff (including the Vice Chancellor, Deans of Faculties, Registrar, Senior Professors, Deputy Registrars, Heads of Departments) visited two government institutions (Castle Street Hospital for Women, and the Kirulapona Police Station) on 25th August. Each of these institutions had won prestigious 5S Awards recently. We noted that these institutions were headed by very dedicated persons who introduced the 5S system through the co-operation of all rank and file. It was very creditable for them to win these international awards with stiff inherent opposition normally found in government institutions and with relatively very little money available to make the changes.

At each of these places, we were addressed by the Chief Executive Officers about how they gradually attained their current status and showed us pictures of what the places looked like before and after the 5S system was introduced and howmuch valuable space was gained through the exercise. We were also taken on a detailed tour of the hospital premises and the police station premises and shown all corners (including the frontage, the backyard, toilets, kitchen/pantry areas, toilets, patients area, cells, visitors areas, stores, storage areas for unwanted items), with no area from which we were debarred. It was noted that the cleanliness and orderliness in all the places in both institutions surpassed that even in our homes or in a first class hotel. All persons at both institutions were found to be very friendly and working as teams to keep their environment pleasant and tidy. We also noted that it was not a put on job for our benefit.

We were shown how the death rate in the hospital, and the crime rate in the area catered for by the police station, had drastically come down on account of implementing the 5S system in these places. It was noted that there were benefits of the 5S system to both these places was on a win-win situation with the institution benefiting from better productivity, the workers benefiting from a more pleasant environment, and the public benefiting from better service.

The dedication of the staff of the two institutions was so high that they were even willing to spend almost 2 hours each with us for the visits. We are extremely grateful to them for their time, their dedication and for enlightening us of the implementation and benefits of the 5S system.

We would also appeal to all other similar institutions to follow the lead given by (Castle Street Hospital for Women, and the Kirulapona Police Station) and make Sri Lanka a better country for us to live in.

135.   Dialog GSM-U of MResearch Laboratory seeks qualified full time Research Personnel
The Dialog GSM and University of Moratuwa Pioneer Mobile Communications Research Laboratory seeks qualified full time Resarch Personnel to be recruited on contract basis to the centre with many of the projects being linked to the postgraduate research programmes of the university. Advertisement pdf file Closing date 10 September 2004.
134.   Asoka, Wasantha and Leelasiri conduct a seminar on 5S System 5S kramaya for EE Staff
         Posted:24/08/2004    Updated:27/08/2004
5S Asoka Chandana, Dehin Wasantha and J D Leelasiri, all Technical Officers of the Power Systems, Electrical Measurements and Power Electronics Laboratories conducted a well organised seminar on the 5S System 5S kramaya Seiri(Sort su1), Seiton(Systematize su2), Seiso(Sweep or shine or scrub su3), Seiketsu(Sanitize or Standadize su4), Shitsuke(Self Discipline su5) for all grades of staff in the Electrical Engineering Department on Monday 23rd August 2004 from 1330 hrs to 1600 hrs. All grades of staff (from Senior Professors, Senior Lecturers, Technical Officers, Clerks, Laboratory Attendants) sat together and listened attentively to 3 well delivered presentations. The talks, in keeping with the aspirations of the 5S system, started and ended puntually and concentrated on "Introduction to the 5S system", "5S is a Kaizen System" and the "Advantages of the 5S system". The Head of the department, Dr Ranjit Perera gave an introduction and said that it has been decided to implement the 5S system in the department using the Kaizen system of making continuous improvements little by little, and that the first laboratories that will implemet the 5S system will be the Computer Laboratory and the Power Systems Laboratories with the cooperation of all staff in the department.
133.   Engineering Design/Skill Development Projects - Level 1 - 2004
The Level 1 students are presently undertaking their Engineering Design/Skill Development Projects. The idea of the Level 1 project is to develop the application of design concepts to engineering problems and to develop hands on skills of students in engineering . These projects aim to develop, among other skills, teamwork, innovation, choice of materials, survey skills, pricing and marketing skills and manufacture through a simple design. The creative engineering design process is brought out in students by participation in small design groups. Each group isolates a significant engineering problem and then proceeds to demonstrate feasibility through the actual construction of a prototype. The basic tools (Workshop, drawing, simulation etc) are taught mainly through the implementation process of the prototype. The projects selected by the Electrical Engineering students at Level 1 are
  1. A timer lamp - 6 V lamp will be supplied from a 230 V ac supply with timer facility and automatic power failure facility
  2. Advanced dc power pack - versatile power supply unit to provide stable dc voltage incorporating a digital voltmeter
  3. Pill counter - count pills very quickly and correctly
  4. Smart lamp - lamp to switch on at sunset and switch off at sunrise
  5. Sound activated switch - switch to operate on a simple clap of hands
132.   Chemical, Mechanical and Earth Resources Engineering
       gets IRQUE Awards on competitive bidding

The IRQUE Project -- funded by World Bank -- is aimed at improving the relevance and quality of undergraduate education in 12 Universities in Sri Lanka.  It is handled through the Quality Enhancement Fund of the Ministry of Tertiary Education & Training. The project, aims to support Sri Lanka's tertiary education system so that it can more effectively contribute to economic and social development. Candidate proposals, submitted by different programmes in the Universities, went through a rigorous process of evaluation before the award of funding.
Departments of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Earth Resources Engineering will get around seventy million rupees each over a period of 5 years from the World Bank Project to Improve the Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE) as part of a package obtained on individual competitive bidding. Our congratulations go to them on their successful bids.
131.   ERU Symposium - an Update
The ERU Symposium 2004 was held today with Prof Ranjit de Silva, one of the pioneering Professors of the University of Moratuwa, as the as the Chief Guest.
Among the papers presented was a paper on Implementing Behaviour Based Control in an Autonomous Mine Detecting Robot (AMDR) by Ampikathasan Aravinthan and Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara.
130.   Appointment of New Professors on Merit
RajathevaDr Nandana Rajatheva email your congratulations was promoted as a full Professor in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineeing on merit by the University Council at its meeting held on August 2004. Professor Rajatheva is a graduate of Moratuwa and completed his PhD at the University of Manitoba in Canada. He has also taught at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. His Research Interests are Coding Techniques for Mobile Communication, Equalization Algorithms, Equalization Algorithms, OFDM, Space Time Processing, and Iterative Technologies.

AttalageDr Rahula Attalage email your congratulations was promoted as a full Professor in Mechanical Engineeing on merit by the University Council at its meeting held on August 2004. Professor Attalage is a graduate of Moratuwa and completed his PhD at Ecole Des Mines de Paris in France. He is the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His Research Interests are Solar Water and Air Heating Systems, Solar Thermal Applications, Alternative Refrigerants, Industrial Energy Conservation and Management, Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings, Exergy Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems, and Heat Transfer.

Our best wishes go to them on their recent promotions.

129.   EE Homepage Menue to undergo a change of appearance
It is proposed to change the appearance of the EE Homepage by moving the menu from a Left menu frame to a Top menu frame. [Note: The temporary double appearance of crests and some headings, will be removed once the new look menu is permanently introduced]. Your comments email button are welcome.
P.S. It appears that the menu bar works best if the browser window is fully open before opening the page.
128.   Chaminda marries Niroshini
just marriedChaminda Amarasinghe married Niroshini Gunathilake a few days ago. Chaminda Amarasinghe is a Probationary Lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Department. He is presently on overseas study leave at the University of Manitoba in Canada reading towards his PhD. Our best wishes go to Chaminda and Niroshini on their marriage.
127.   Annual Technical Conference - IEE YMS Sri Lanka
The Annual Technical Conference of the IEE YMS Sri Lanka will be held this year at the University of Peradeniya on 28th August 2004 at the E O E Pereira Theatre. The programme is scheduled to start at 0830 hrs and go on till 1630 hrs.
126.   ERU Symposium 2004
ERU Symposium 2004 will be held on the 17th August 2004 at the University of Moratuwa. It is hoped that you will consider this as a day well spent with fellow researchers and and students enrolled with programms at University of Moratuwa. Your presence would be very much appreciated by all those presenting papers where you could encourage them and learn new findings.
So don't miss this chance to bring encouragement and learn from your fellow researchers. After all University of Moratuwa stands tall as a place for Excellence.
You can easily register through the Web site
125.   Dialog - University of Moratuwa Mobile Communications Research Laboratory
         - Media Conference

The Launch of the Dialog - University of Moratuwa Mobile Communications Research Laboratory was presented to the Media at the Conference held at the Hilton Colombo Residences on 11 August 2004. Among those who addressed the gathering were the Hon Deputy Minister for Posts and Telecommunications, the Vice Chancellor University of Moratuwa and the CEO Dialog GSM. Prof Dileeka Dias made a presentation on the Research Lab.
124.   'e-Society 2004' National Conference and Exhibition
The ICTA of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Education have organising the 'e-Society 2004' Conference and Exhibition from August 13 to 15, at the Exhibition Centre, BMICH.
President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is scheduled to open the exhibition and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse, will preside over the opening ceremony of the Conference.
The event is managed by Graduand Foundation. Its aim is to bring together undergraduates studying in the various universities across the country and address deficiencies that prevent these students from reaching their full potential.
The University of Moratuwa will host about 9 stalls at the Exhibition among these are 2 stalls from the Department of Electrical Engineering together with IARC which will include: News Item in the Daily News of 3 August
123.   Dialog - University of Moratuwa Mobile Communications Research Laboratory
signing ceremony The The launch of the Dialog - University of Moratuwa Mobile Communications Research Laboratory will be announced at a Media Conference to be held at the Hilton Colombo Residences (JAIC) this evening Wednesday, 11th August 2004.
Dialog GSM, today entered into a landmark agreement with the University of Moratuwa and its industrial research arm, Uni-Consultancy Services (UNIC) to establish the country's first Research Laboratory for Mobile Technology . The agreement was signed by Dr Hans Wijayasuriya, Prof Dayantha Wijeyesekera, and Prof. Ananda Jayawardena. Prof Dileeka Dias has been identified as the Director of the Research Laboratory. Details of the signing ceremony
122.   IESL Induction & Graduation Ceremony - 2004
The IESL Induction & Graduation Ceremony -2004 will be held at the BMICH on Friday, 20th August 2004. Hon Dinesh Gunawardena, M P, Minister of Urban Development and Water Supply and Deputy Minister of Education will be the Chief Guest and Emeritus Prof S Karunaratne, Chairman, SLIIT will be the Guest of Honour.
121.   Appointment of Engineers for top National Posts
[Extracted from the Sri Lanka Engineering News July 2004, report under the headline Engineers at the Top]
" The IESL notes with great satisfaction that at last Engineers have received long overdue recognitionfor their contribution to the development of society and the Nation. We are indeed happy to note that the Government has called in Engineers to hold a number of key positions in State organizations and among these are "
120.   Coming Events
119.   MSc/MEng Course Time Schedules - Electrical Engineering
Dr Lanka Udawatta, Course Co-ordinator for the taught Master's Program has requested me to publish the time schedules for completion of the Master's degrees/Postgraduate diplomas for the 1999/2001, 2000/2002 and 2001/2003 batches. All postgraduate students are requested to strictly abide by these deadlines.

July 2004

118.   Completes Post graduate Diploma in Electrical Engineering
The following have completed their PG Dip in Electrical Engineering. Their effective dates have been backdated to the date of completion of the examination.
  1. PG/EE/10/2000 Mr U R S S Senadiratne - 1 August 2002
  2. PG/EE/19/99 Ms B V Rasiah - 1 December 2000
  3. PG/EE/05/99 Mr U L Y N Jayatilleke - 1 December 2000
117.   New Head of Earth Resources Engineering
Dr Anurudhdha Puswewela has been appointed as the acting Head of the Department of Earth Resources Engineering with effect from 1 August 2004. Dr Puswewala is a Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering, and currently teaches in the Department of Earth Resources Engineering. He is a graduate of the University of Moratuwa and had his post graduate education at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and at the University of Manitoba in Canada.
The present head Dr O Kithsiri Dissanayake completes his 3 year term of office on 31 July 2004.
116.   Public & Bank Holidays for 2004
The Public & Bank Holidays for the year 2005 published in the government gazzette have now been published in our site. A link will be permanently available at the bottom of this news page.
115.   Postgraduate Studies Overseas
  1. Lidula Widanagama Arachchige has obtained a scholarship to undertake a Research MSc at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. She hopes to leave for Thailand in the second week of August 2004.
  2. Eranda Harinath has obtained a Research Studentship to study towards a Master of Engineering degree at the Memorial University of New Foundland, Canada on Process Control - Intelligent Multivariable Control. Eranda is a probationary lecturer in the department. He will leave for Canada in the first week of September 2004 to work with Dr George Mann.
  3. Chitral Angammana has obtained a scholarship to undertake a Research MSc at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. He hopes to leave for Thailand in the second week of August 2004.
114.   Welcome to the EE Departmental Family
The Academic staff and Senior Students of the Department of Electrical Engineering together with the Electrical Engineering Society (EESoc) wishes to Welcome the Level 1 students selected to the electrical engineering field to the Departmental Family at a small function to be held at 1400 hrs on Monday 26th July 2004.
113.   Field Selection
The field selections of the Engineering undergraduates based on the overall Level 1 GPA have been released. The highest demand, as in the recent past, has been for the Electronics & Telecommunications field, followed by Computer Science & Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. The ranges of Level 1 GPA for these three fields are (3.832 to 4.184), (3.780 to 4.168) and (3.632 to 3.912) respectively. List of Electrical Engineering students or Non-Javascript Link.
112.   Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi promoted to Senior Lecturer Grade I
         Posted: 22/07/2004
Dr Nalin Wickramaarachchi has been promoted as a Senior Lecturer, Grade I in the Department of Electrical Engineering, by the University Council recently. Our best wishes go to him on his promotion.
111.   Nominations for Migara Ranatunga Trust Awards for Industrial Training
         Posted: 21/07/2004
The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka will make the Migara Ratnatunga Trust Awards for Industrial Training to the 10 best students of the engineering facuties(Moratuwa, Peradeniya, Ruhuna & Open University). These awards are scheduled to be given at the IESL annual sessions in October 2004.

In order to determine the awardees, IESL is planning to conduct interviews from a list of top performers supplied from each university. The 27 students listed below from the 1st Semester batch (00 Batch) will be eligible from the University of Moratuwa.

By letter dated 19th July, the Director, Indutrial Training / Liaison Officer IESL for UOM has requested the information regarding Home Address, e-mail address and telephone numbers of the students to be sent to him through the head of department as early as possible.

Chemical Engineering
W.G.S.H.Premalal (Miss), S.C. Abeygunawardena

Civil Engineering
D.P.S. Hettiarachchi, J. Jothika, D.D.T.K.Kulathunga (Miss), S.M. Meegoda, P.S.A.C. Peiris, J.K.L.S. Perera, W.U.I. Perera (Miss), K.K. Raja

Computer Science & Engineering
H.M.N.D. Bandara, R.U.Fernando, D.P. Leelaratne (Miss)

Earth Resources Engineering
J.M.M.P. Fernando

Electrical Engineering
S.R.M.P. Jayawardena, C.A. Sandagiri, D.P. Prasanna

Electronics Engineering
K.V.A. De Silva, N.S. Gajaweera, S.W. Samaranayake (Miss)

Materials Engineering
D.A. Wijesekera (Miss)

Mechanical Engineering
M. Devaraja, D.D.M.P. Gunatileke, R.S. Ranasinghe

Textiles Engineering
L.L.G.N. de Silva, V.P. Jayaweera, A.A.V. Sampath

110.   EE Staff & students undertake Shramadana
The Staff and Students of the Electrical Engineering department carried out a Shramadana to clean up the department and get rid of some of the unwanted stuff. All academic staff, non-academic staff and Level 4 students took part in the exercise today 20th July in the afternoon. Those who took part were provided with a meal of roti and appa at tea time.
109.   First Year Performance
The first year semester 2 results have been released and around 175 students have been placed on the Dean's List (GPA >3.8).
The field selections of the Engineering undergraduates based on the overall Level 1 GPA will be releasedduring the week. There are 54 students who have an overall Level 1 GPA of over 4.0 (max: 4.2), and a further 90 students have obtained an overall GPA of over 3.8.
108.   Level 4 projects - mid-term assessments
The mid-term assessments of the Level 4 undergraduate projects will be held on Monday 26th July - Groups 2, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and on Thursday 29th July - Groups 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, on an individual basis, before a panel of academic staff. Students should be available from 0930 hrs onwards on the scheduled date.
107.   List of EE graduates from inception
The complete List of Electrical Engineering Graduates who have been awarded the degree, since the inception of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Moratuwa (and its predecessors) has been compliled by me and put on the Web. Those whose results were recently released have not been included in the list as they have yet to receive the award at the convocation.
106.   Assessment of MEng Dissertations
The Assessment of Dissertations of two candidates of the MEng course will be held on Tuesday 20th July at 1000 hrs and 1030 hrs.
105.   Individual Seminar Presentations of MSc students
The individual Seminar presentations of selected students of the 2003 MSc batch will be held on Thursday 29th July commencing at 1400 hrs.
  1. PG/EE/01/99 Chandranath, MLAA
  2. PG/EE/08/99 Nandasena, HPIP
  3. PG/EE/25/99 Kalansooriya, AS
  4. PG/EE/01/00 Kanthi, JK
  5. PG/EE/05/00 Dissanayake, PPC
  6. PG/EE/14/00 Satharasinghe, SNA
  7. PG/EE/15/00 Weerasinghe, WMSW
  8. PG/EE/17/00 Chandraratne, PSS
  9. PG/EE/18/00 Sumathiratna, WCC
104.   Seminar on Load Shedding as a means of maintaining system reliability
         Posted: 16/07/2004
Mr Lakshita Weerasinghe, System Control Center, Ceylon Electricity Board made a presentation on Load Shedding as a means of maintaining system reliability to Master's students and staff at the Department of Electrical Engineering today.
103.   Left Hand Menu updated
         Posted: 12/07/2004
The Menu on the left hand fram of the web page has been updated to give more prominence to Research work carried out. Research now has been given a separate button on the menu.
102.   Professor Udaya Annakkage, gives a talk to MSc students and Academic Staff
         Posted: 09/07/2004
Professor Udaya Annakkage delivered a Seminar to the MSc students following the part time course today, Friday 9th July 2004 on Simulations in Power Systems : New Challenges at 0900 hrs. He stressed on EMTDC, which is the most widely used electromagnetic transient simulation programme at present. It has been developed at the HVDC Research Centre in Manitoba, Canada in joint collaboration with the University of Manitoba.
101.    Professor Udaya Annakkage, External Examiner visits the University
         Posted: 09/07/2004
Udaya_annakkageProfessor Udaya Annakkage, a full Professor, and Associate Head(Electrical Engineering) of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba in Canada, visited the University on 8th and 9th July. He is one of the two external examiners for the Electrical Engineering courses at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Moratuwa for the new Semester system. He had very fruitful discussions with the Head of the Department of Department and the Senior staff on related matters on 8th July.

Dr Annakkage is a graduate and past Senior Lecturer of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Moratuwa, and has also taught for ten years at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

100.   BSc Eng Level 4 undergraduate projects
         Posted: 06/07/2004
The BSc Engineering Level 4 students are proceeding with their final year projects. A List of these project are available with short descriptions.
099.   Technical papers based on recently completed final year undergraduate projects
         Posted: 05/07/2004
Technical papers based on the final year undergraduate projects, which have recently been completed, have been now posted on the web.
098.   Appointment of Directors of Undergraduate Studies and Postgraduate Studies
         Posted: 01/07/2004
Our best wishes go to them on their appointments.

June 2004

097.   IEE YMS AGM and new office bearers          Posted: 30/06/2004
The 8th Annual General Meeting of the Institution of Electrical Engineers Younger Members Section (IEE-YMS) Sri Lanka was held at the Electronic and Telecommunication seminar room of the University of Moratuwa at 11:00:AM on Sunday 13th June 2004.
The following office bearers were elected for the session 2004/05.
096.   Next MSc/PGDip Course in Electrical Engineering          Posted: 30/06/2004
Applications are been invited for the M.Sc./Postgraduate Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering due to commence in October 2004. [From 2003, it has been decided to rename the Master's course as MSc rather than MEng.] Closing date for applications is 15th August 2004. See the Advertisement for details. The advertisement will also appear in the national newspapers in mid July 2004.
095.   BSc Engineering Degree Results          Posted: 23/06/2004
The Board of Examiners for the B Sc Engineering degree final examination was held today (23 June). 71 students from over 400 students who sat the examination received First Class passes. Among these are 10 students from Electrical Engineering, about 15 students from Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering and about19 students from Computer Science & Engineering streams.

In the Electrical Engineering stream from among the total of 48 students, a further 15 students obtained Second Class (Upper Division) passes and 10 students Second Class (Lower Division) passes. The detailed results have been put on the official notice board of the Examinations Division at about 1700 hrs. The overall results of the Electrical Engineering Stream is available at this site. These results have been released subject to confirmation by the University Senate.

094.   Appointments of Academic Staff to various posts          Posted: 23/06/2004
  1. Dr S U Adhikari has been appointed as the Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering by the Vice Chancellor recently. He suceeds Dr Nanda Munasinghe who completed his term of office recently.
  2. Dr Rahula Attalage has been appointed the Chairman, National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering (NIFNE) recently. The "Sagara University" comes under this Institute.
  3. Dr Kapila Perera has been appointed the Chairman, National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) recently.
  4. Dr T A Piyasiri has been appointed the Director General, Vocational Training Commission recently.
093.   1st Regional Conference on ICT and E-Paradigms       Posted 23/06/2004
The Inauguration of the 1st Regional Conference on ICT and E-Paradigms, jointly organized by IEE Sri Lanka, the University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka, and the Asian Institute of Technology Thailand , will be held at the Ball Room, Hotel Galadari on Thursday 24th June 2004 commencing at 6.00 p.m with Hon. Prof. Tissa Vitharana, Minister of Science and Technology as Chief Guest . Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya (CEO, MTN Networks Pvt. Ltd) will deliver the Keynote address. Among the other distinguished participants expected at the inauguration are Prof. Dayantha. S. Wijeyesekera (Vice-Chancellor, University of Moratuwa), Prof. H.N. Phien (Dean, School of Advanced Technology, AIT, Thailand) and Mr. D. R. Pullaperuma (Chairman, IEE Sri Lanka).

The two day Regional Conference follows on Friday and Saturday with papers presented by a panel of international authors. The conference will be preceded by a full-day tutorial session to bring selected participants upto date on state of the art technology on areas relevant to the conference.

092.   New Head of Electrical Engineering       Posted 10/06/2004
The University Council has confirmed the appointment Dr H Y Ranjit Perera as the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering.
091.   Academic Staff Appointments       Posted: 10/06//2004
The following academic staff appointments, in the department of of Electrical Engineering, have been made by the University Council at its meeting held on 9th June. The appointments will be effective from 15th June 2004. Our best wishes go to them on their recent appointments and welcome them to our departmental family.
090.   2004 Reader's Digest Canadian Hero of the Year Award       Posted: 09/06//2004
Professor Dave Irvine-Halliday, who was was the Chief Guest at the annual Electronic Club Forum of the University of Moratuwa two years ago and made a presentation on Lighting up the World using the Bright White Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), has been recognized as the Reader's Digest Canadian Hero of the Year 2004. The Scottish-born Canadian Dave Irvine-Halliday is a professor of photonics and leading fibre-optic specialist at the University of Calgary-Canada. He founded the Light Up the World Foundation (LUTW) which aims to introduce to the poor rural people of all countries a safe, simple, healthy, affordable and reliable form of home lighting. A feature article will appear in the July issue of Reader's Digest, which pays tribute to Professor Halliday. Information on the Award has been received from an email communications from the Communications Manager at Reader's Digest Canada.
Students from the University of Moratuwa has been involved with him on a number of such projects in Sri Lanka, including using Bright White LEDs. A copy of a paper written on some such projects is available at this site. One of our recent bright young graduates, Ganesh Doluweera will be leaving for the University of Calgary shortly to undertake doctoral studies with Professor Halliday. Ganesh was also the chairman of the Younger Member's Section of the IEE Sri Lanka.
089.   Vacancies: Director, Undergraduate Sudies & Director, Postgraduate Sudies
      Posted 03/06/2004
The Post of Director, Undergraduate Sudies has become vacant with the appointment of Dr H Y R Perera as the acting Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering. Further the Post of Director, Postgraduate Sudies will fall vacant on 15th June with the appointment of Prof Mrs Niranjanie Ratnayake as the acting Head of the Department of Civil Engineering.
The Dean, Faculty of Engineering has invited applications from Senior Academic Staff Members for these posts. Applications will close on 18th June 2004.
088.   New Head of Civil Engineering       Posted 03/06/2004
The Vice Chancellor has decided to appoint Prof Mrs Niranjanie Ratnayake as the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering with effect from 15th June 2004. She will succeed Professor Amal Kumarage who will step down from that position due to being appointed as Chairman, National Transport Commission.

Prof Niranjanie Ratnayake is presently the Director of Postgraduate studies of the Engineering Faculty of this University.

She graduated from the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya and undertook her postgraduate studies at the University of Wales. She is also presently the head of the Division of Environmental Engineering. She is presently a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Instition Engineers, Sri Lanka.

Our Best Wishes go to her in her new post.

087.   EESOc 9th AGM, Conference & Annual Get-together       Posted 03/06/2004
The EESOc 9th AGM, Conference & Annual Get-together will be held at the BMICH, Committee Room B on Saturday 12th June 2004. The AGM (only for EESoc members) will commence at 5:00pm and the Panel Discussion on Proactive Engineering in the Power Sector will commence at 6:15pm. This will be followed by the Dinner & Get together commencing at 9:30pm. The chief guest for the occassion will be the Hon Susil Premajayanth (Minister of power & Energy) and the Guest of Honour will be Mr. Moksevi Prelis.
086.   Professor Sriyananda's term extended to April 2005       Posted 01/06/2004
Professor H Sriyananda, Senior Professor OUSL, will continue to work at the University of Moratuwa as a Senior Professor till April 2005. The council recently approved the extension. He is here on Sabbatical leave from the Open University of Sri Lanka. He will continue to teaching modules Advanced Circuit Thoery, Advanced Electrical Measurements and Advanced Control during.

May 2004

085.   Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara appointed to 'THINK TANK'       Posted 27/05/2004
Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara has been chosen as one of the members of the THINK TANK by the Hon Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Power & Energy. The honourable Minister has decided to establish a Think Tank comprising a group of eminently qualified personnel with wide technical expertise and experiences in areas relevant to the scope and functions of the Power and Energy Ministry. The Think Tank is expected to function as an advisory body in regard to the Ministry on matters relating to its core functions.
084.   Dr Ranjit Perera resigns as Director, Undergraduate studies       Posted 24/05/2004
Dr Ranjit Perera, who recently assumed duties as the acting head of the department of electrical engineering has given his resignation from the post of director undergraduate studies of the faculty of engineering with effect from today 24th May 2004.
The Dean/Engineering has requested Dr Saman Thilakasiri to act in the capacity of Director Undergraduate Studies until the permanent appointment is made after calling for applications.
083.   EE department bids farewell to its former head with a gift of a bible       Posted 20/05/2004
html 4 bibleThe Electrical Engineering department held a farewell party today to felicitate Professor Rohan Lucas who completed two terms as its head of department. The present head of the department, Dr Ranjit Perera, concluded the event with the gift of the 2nd edition of the bible to Prof Lucas. Professor Lucas greatly appreciated the gift as it would help him to better keep the department web up to date.
082.   Final Part III students give Farewell Party to EE Staff       Posted 20/05/2004:1950 hrs
The Final Part III students who just completed all academic activities in the University today (after the completion of the project interviews today) are giving a farewell party to the the EE Academic staff in a few minutes time at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room.
081.   EESoc Award for the Best Final Year Project       Posted 20/05/2004
The Final Year Projects in the Electrical Engineering Stream which were demonstrated on 19th May and presented on 20th May 2004 to staff and students, was evaluated by a panel consisting of 7 Senior Academic Staff (Prof Rohan Lucas, Prof H Sriyananda, Dr J P Karunadasa, Dr Ranjit Perera, Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara, Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara and Dr Lanka Udawatte) of the Department of Electrical Engineering on 20th May. Due to the high quality of the projects, it was with a lot of deliberation that the Best Project was selected for the EESoc Award.

Design and construction of a low cost metal detector for demining

The Project was supervised by Dr. Thrishantha Nanayakkara and Prof Rohan Lucas

The following Projects were placed second, third and fourth respectively.

  1. Design and construction of an impedance permeability tester, Amarasekara P A S D, Faizal CM, Jayasekara A G B P, and Jayasundara J M K E,    supervised by Prof. Rohan Lucas
  2. Design and construction of an unauthorised tapping detector, Fernando SA, Illukkumbure SPID, Paranawitharana PT, and Wickramasekara NALJP,    supervised by Prof Rohan Lucas
  3. Design and Implimentation of a Multipurpose waveform analyser, Amarasinghe D, Chandrasena A DG, Dasanayake DMJ, and Thusara H K,    supervised by Dr J P Karunadasa
080.   Book Published Prof (Ms) Dileeka Dias and Mr Nihal Kularatna       Posted 17/05/2004
I wish to congradulate Prof Dileeka Dias and Mr Nihal Kularatna for having their book Essentials of Modern Telecommunications Systems (ISBN 1-58053-491-0), published by Artech House.
In today's competitive and fast-changing telecom industry, most professionals find themselves in the difficult situation of having to sacrifice keeping on top of the latest technology because they are striving to meet another round of high-pressure deadlines. This book offers you a solution to this problem, helping you quickly coming up to speed with the latest advances in your field.
079.   New Head of Electrical Engineering       Posted 14/05/2004
The ViceChancellor has decided to appoint Dr. H. Y. Ranjit Perera. as the acting Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering to succeed Professor Rohan Lucas who is completing his second continuous term office on 14th May 2004. The permanent appointment will be made by the University Council at its next meeting.

Dr. Ranjit Perera is the first product of the Department to Head the Electrical Engineering Department in its over 30 year history, other than on a short term acting capacity. [Electrical Engineering Graduates from Moratuwa have however headed the Computer Science and Engineering Department over most of its life]

Dr. Perera graduated from the Department and completed his post graduate education leading to Dipl.-Ing and Dr.-Ing in the University of Technology, Aachen, Germany (RWTH Aachen). He is presently the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Faculty of Engineering.

Our Best Wishes go to him in his new post.

078.   Professorial Appointments       Posted: 14/05//2004
The following Professorial appointments, on merit, have been made by the University Council recently. Our best wishes go to them on their recent promotions.
077.   IEE Sri Lanka - Short Courses - June, July, August 2004       Posted 14/05/2004
The IEE Sri Lanka will conduct the following short courses in June/July 2004, for the continuous professional development of members as well as non-members, at the Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Moratuwa.
The Practical Electronics course is for those who have an interest for design and repair of Electronic circuits. The TV Technology course will focus on the TV Receiver; fault finding and repair of TV receivers. It also includes an overview of Television Broadcasting Network of Sri Lanka. These two courses are for school leavers who would like to start their own repair shops. The courses will also be very useful for anyone with a keen interest on practical electronics. They will be conducted mainly in Sinhala.
The Microwave Communications and Optical Communications courses will be at near graduate level but also suitable for Technical Officers in the telecommunications industry. These two courses will also be useful for students preparing for Professional Engineering Examinations such as CEI Pt II and IESL Pt II. The courses are planned to include experimental work and theoretical work.
076.   10th Course on "Electrical Installation"       Posted: 14/05/2004
The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) in collaboration with the IEE Sri Lanka has organised, the ever popular Course on "Electrical Installation" for the 10th time on eight consecutive Saturdays starting from 15th May 2004 at the IESL Seminar Room.
075.   Short Course on "Factory Auromation"       Posted: 14/05/2004
The Department of Electrical Engineering is proposing to organise, in collaboration with the University Industry Interaction Cell, a Short Course on "Factory Auromation" on 18th & 25th and 31st July 2004 at the University of Moratuwa. The course will be co-ordinated by Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara.
074.   Short Course on "Designing Intelligent Robots"       Posted: 14/05/2004
The Department of Electrical Engineering is proposing to organise, in collaboration with the University Industry Interaction Cell, a Short Course on "Designing Intelligent Robots" on 20th & 27th June, and 4th and 11th July 2004 at the University of Moratuwa. The course will be co-ordinated by Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara.
073.   Chair in Electrical Engineering       Posted: 03/05/2004
Prof Rohan Lucas Senior Professor in Electrical Engineering was recently appointed to fill the Chair/prestigious advertised post of Professor of Electrical Engineering by the University Council recently. This Chair fell vacant with the retirement of Professor S Karunaratne in late 2002. The new appointment is effective from 4th March 2004. Professor Lucas has served the department for over 34 years and has been a Senior Professor since October 1999.
072.    Inventors and Innovators Society at the University (UMIIS)       Posted: 03/05/2004
The University of Moratuwa Inventors and Innovators Society (UMIIS) was inaugurated on 20th November 2003 at the Mechanical Engineering Seminar Room, with the primary aim of developing and promoting an innovative culture, and to assist the innovators and inventors to exploit thie inventions, through patents and other means, to get optimum financial and other rewards and benefits for their efforts and achievements. The following key office bearers were elected at this meeting. The remaining office bearers were not elected at that meeting as it was decided that they should come from as wide an area within the University as possible. Thus it was decided to call for nominations for the remaining posts by advertisement at a later date.

Dr M A R V Fernando has thus Called for Nominations for the following posts. Nominations will close on 14th May 2004.

A Draft Constitution is available with the President.

April 2004

071.   Call for Participation - 1st Regional Conference on ICT and E-Paradigms       Posted 30/04/2004
The conference organising committee of the 1st Regional Conference on ICT and E-Paradigms has called for participation of authors and interested persons at the 1st Regional Conference on ICT and E-Paradigms, to be held at the Hotel Galadari from 24th - 26th June 2004.
Registration deadlines are 15th May 2004 for Authors and 15th June 2004 for Others.
Advanced Program and details of Tutorials and Keynote Speakers are also available.
070.   Prof Amal Kumarage appointed Chairman/National Transport Commission       Posted 30/04/2004
Professor Amal Kumarage, Head/Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa has been appointed as the Chairman, National Transport Commission with immediate effect.
069.   International Seminar and Workshop on Renewable Energy Development       Posted 29/04/2004
An International Seminar and Workshop on Renewable energy Development with Special focus on Small Hydro Power Development is proposed to be held from 10th to 12th June 2004 at the BMICH. The event is organised by the Department of Electrical Engineering in collaboration with the Alternate Hydro Energy Centre, IIT Rookey, India and the Small Power Development Association in Sri Lanka. An Exhibition of Renewable Energy Manufacturers is also planned to be held during these three days at the BMICH.

The Seminar and the Course is designed for Developers, Consultants and Engineers in the Government and Private Sector.

The course coordinator is Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

068.   Results of PG Diploma in Electrical Engineering 2001/03       Posted 28/04/2004
The Board of Examination Meeting for the PG.Dip. in Electrical Engineering 2001/03 was held today 28th May 2004. 19 candidates have become eligible for the PG Diploma. Eligible candidates who wish to proceed for the M.Eng may register for the second year by paying Rs 10,500/= on or before 14/05/2004. A preliminary discussion on the research project, for those who register, is scheduled for 27/05/2004. They may contact the course coordinator for further details.
067.   Completes term of office as Head/Electrical Engineering       Posted 26/04/2004
Prof Rohan Lucas will be completing his second three year term as head of the department of electrical engineering on 14th May 2004. The next head of department will be appointed by the Vice Chancellor in due course.
066.   Postgraduate Student Progress Report Form       Posted 23/04/2004
A Progress Report Form has been drafted, for academic staff members on postgraduate study leave at other Universities, to submit their progress reports every SIX months. It is proposed that in the future, the half-yearly progress reports will fall due on 31st March and 30th September each year and should be submitted on the prescribed form. Those requesting an extension of leave should submit the request at least 2 months in advance in the space provided on the prescribed form. Those presently submitting the Progress reports at other times of the year should gradually change over to the above dates.
065.   Teaching at University of Manitoba       Posted 23/04/2004
Dr Udaya Annakkage will be in Sri Lanka from July 2 to July 25. He is presently on the academic staff of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada having earlier been on the academic staff of the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He will probably give a seminar at the University during his visit. He is a graduate from our department.
Dr Athula Rajapaksha has also recently joined the academic staff of the University of Manitoba having earlier been on the academic staff of the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. He is also a graduate from our department.
064.   EESoc AGM and Annual Get-together & Seminar       Posted 23/04/2004     Updated 29/04/2004
As in past years important discussions regarding issues relevant for the Electrical Engineering sector has been proposed for a Seminar on Proactive Engineering in the Power Sector and the future of Undergraduate Engineers on Saturday 12th June 2004, keeping in mind the fact that the Electrical Engineers also owe a duty towards the nation. The 9th EESoc AGM and Annual Get-together 2004 will be held on Saturday 19th June 2004 at the University of Moratuwa Premises. EESoc continues to conduct the event at the University premises on a grand scale, rather than a hotel, as brings back nostalgic memories to graduates members, and also to foster a brotherhood among the members, outside that of the teacher-pupil and employer-employee relationships found in day-to-day life.
Undergraduate students, staff and past students will take part in a sports festival. Other activities, such as the highly popular dramas based on University life performed by our own students will continue to be an attraction.

Note: Due to the student workload, the date of the AGM and get-together may have to be changed.

063.   New IEE International Membership Adviser       Posted 23/04/2004
Prof J R Lucas, Immediate Past Chairman of IEE Sri Lanka has been requested by the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) to be the next International Membership Adviser (IMA) for Sri Lanka with effect from April 2004. Professor Lucas attended a conference at the IEE office at Savoy Place at the end of March in preparation for this appointment. Mr M Zubair's term as IMA terminated on 31 March 2004.
062.   Prof Dayantha Wijeyesekera appointed Secretary       Posted 20/04/2004
Prof Dayantha S Wijeyesekera has accepted duties as the Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development, Vocational Training and Technical Education with effect from today. Our congradulations go to him on his appointment. He will continue to be the Vice Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa.
061.   Academic Activities to recommence on 26 April       Posted 20/04/2004
The Registrar of the University has issued the following notice on 19th April.
The Academic activities of Level 1 Semester 1, Level 1 Semester 2 and Level 2 Semester 2 of the year 2003/2004 will recommence on Monday 26th April 2004.
060.   IEE Presentation by Dr Hans Wijesuriya       Posted 20/04/2004
A Presentation on Entrepreneurship in Young Engineers will be made by Dr. Hans Wijesuriya, Chief Executive Officer of Dialog GSM at Salon Anthurium, Hotel Galadari, at 5.15pm on Tuesday 20th April, 2004. All members of the IEE are invited to be present.
Abstract: When we work for someone else, we have less opportunity for being independent and innovative. A Young Engineer looking to start a small business may begin by thinking about offering a competitive advantage for a product that is already out on the market or a special service that is not otherwise available. He could even go so far as introducing a new technology. The final outcome could result in providing more satisfaction to customers and raising the levels of performance, apart from other benefits to the people. Besides the advantage of being independent and innovative it will also be financially rewarding. Entrepreneurship is therefore the topic of discussion for the day. It should be of great interest to Young Engineers.
059.   Jahan to come on Holiday in May       Posted 20/04/2004
Dr Jahan Peiris who is presently working in Tasmania, Australia is planning to come to Sri Lanka from 20th May till the 14th June. Jahan was on our staff till he migrated to Australia.
058.   Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year on the traditional day       Posted 08/04/2004
A Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year to all of my readers once again. kiriyen paniyen ithirena suba aluth avuruddak wewa
The University will be closed from tomorrow 9th April till the 15th April when some of us will be back again. Most will ofcourse not be back till the 19th April.
057.   Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year - Yesterday       Posted 02/04/2004
Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year.
Sorry for the belated greetings, as I was out of the Island till yesterday and could not update the web.
Did the Sinhala & Tamil New Year really originate on All Fools Day ?. Perhaps it did.
As is now well-known, for over 1600 years upto about 1582, the beginning of the year occured all over the world around the 1st of April (Julian Calendar with 365.25 days). In 1582, the Gregorian Calendar was introduced to correct an error that had crept in as the year was only 365.2425 days (now known more accurately as 365.24219 days). The accumulated error by then was 11 days. Thus Thursday, Oct. 4, 1582, was the last day of the Julian calendar and the next daybecame Friday, Oct. 15, 1582 the first day of the Gregorian calendar. With this change, the beginning of the year was shifted to 1 January.
However, people in many countries disregarded the change and continued to celebrate the new year on 1 April and hence were known as April fools. They also did not correct for the fractional error till centuries later (ex. Britain in September 1752). When the fractional error was subsequently corrected, the beginning of the year shifted to around 13th April (instead of 1st April) which day we (and many countries in south east asia) still celebrate as the New Year.
056.   Appointment of Heads of Departments
      Posted 02/04/2004
Permanent appointments to fill vacancies created will be made by the University Council, on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor, at a subsequent meeting.
055.   Prof Ananda Jayawardena elected as Dean/Engineering
      Posted 02/04/2004
Prof Ananda Jayawardena was elected uncontested as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at a Special meeting of the Faculty of Engineering, chaired by the Vice Chancellor on 30th March 2004. He succeeds Prof Malik Ranasinghe who completed his term of office on 29th March 2004. Prof Ananda Jayawardena was the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering prior to his election as Dean/Engineering. Our best wishes to him on his election. We extend our fullest co-operation to him in carrying out his duties in the new post.

March 2004

054.   News will not be updated during the coming week       Posted 25/03/2004
The EE News will not be updated during the coming week from 26th March till the 2nd April as I will be out of the Country from the 27th March till the 1st April. News on the election of the Dean/Engineering will be reported after my return.
Dr. J. P. Karunadasa will be the acting Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering during the absence of Professor J R Lucas from the country.
053.   First Computer Science & Engineering graduate to head the department
      Posted 25/03/2004
Dr Sanath Jayasena is expected take over as the Head of the department of Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) today (25th March 2004). It is a historic moment for the department as it is the first time that one of its own graduates is going to lead the CSE department. Sanath is from the very first batch to graduate from the CS&E department. That year he topped the field and became the first, First Class degree holder in Computer Science & Engineering in Sri Lanka. He was the first to join the CS&E staff having graduated from the CS&E department. He is also the first CS&E graduate to return to the University with a PhD, on 2nd June 2003 having specialised in VLSI design of Processors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is also the first person to co-ordinate a Master of Science programme in Computer Science in the University of Moratuwa.
We wish him success in his future endeavours. With so many firsts to his credit, he bound to succeed, and to quote from Dr Arthur C Clarke "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible".
He succeeds Dr Ashok Peiris who will be returning to the department of Civil Engineering and taking overseas leave from 26th March 2004.
052.   Sudanthi leaves for higher studies to Melbourne
      Posted 25/03/2004   :Updated 06/05/2004
Ms Sudanthi N.R. Wijewickrema, probationary Lecturer in Computer Science & Engineering will be leaving for higher studies to a University in Melbourne in Australia on 27th March 2004. Our best wishes go to her for success.
P.S. Rasika has informed me that she is in Monash University in the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) doing research in image processing for her PhD.
051.   Land/Housing for Sale at John Rodrigo Mawatha       Posted 23/03/2004
I have come to know from Mr Sanjeewi Bastian Tel: 2370785-88 that Ceylinco Land Exchange Limited is blocking out 21 blocks of land(from 7.7P to 10.0P each) on John Rodrigo Mawatha for sale (either bare land or with the construction of a house). The land is I understand just about 100 m from the main road leading to the University. Prices range from Rs 150,000 to Rs 185,000 per Perch. I also understand that a 5% discount will be available for 30% down payment before 31st March 2004.
I thought of reporting this as many staff members might find the location convenient.
050.   Seminar on Higher Studies in the USA       Posted 23/03/2004
A Seminar on Higher Studies in the USA will be conducted by the USA/Sri Lanka Fulbright Commisssion Student Advisor at the Textile Engineering Auditorium from 1130 hrs to 1300 hrs on Thursday 25th March 2004. The event has been organised by the EESoc as part of the Student support program.
The seminar will address issues such as All are Welcome !! (especially those who have just completed their final year and those who are at Level 4)
049.   Presentation on high-end computing       Posted 23/03/2004
Dr Sanath Jayasena has requested me to inform you that A Sun expert on High-end computing (including Grid Computing) will visit the CSE Department on Tuesday March 23rd and do a short presentation at 1130hrs at the CSE Department Conference Room (next to Head/CSE office).
048.   Convocation 2004 - An Update       Posted 18/03/2004
The Annual Convocation for the award of degreeswill be held this afternoon. Special Awards for Academic Achievements will be given.

See also news item 035.

047.   Press Release - University of Moratuwa       Posted 10/03/2004
The Vice Chancellor University of Moratuwa has issued a Press Release relating to the temporary suspension of academic activities for specific groups of students on the the request of the Engineering Faculty Students Union. scanned copy of signed Press Release
The Academic Activities for Level 4 and Part III Students of the Engineering Faculty will continue as usual uninterrupted.
046.   IEE Sri Lanka - Events Calendar 2004       Posted 10/03/2004
The following events have taken place/been planned for the Session 2003/04.
0120 Nov 03Seminar on Membership Matters98 participants
0218 Dec 03Workshop on Lightning Protection (with IPSL)102 participants
0314 Jan 04Seminar on VoIP and its Impact on Telecom Services in Sri Lanka107 participants
0414 Feb 04Site Visit to Kukule Ganga Hydro-power Plant24 participants
0513 Mar 04IEE Sri Lanka SchoolNet Program at University of Moratuwa event confirmed
0625 Mar 04Presentation on Overview of Voltage-sags in Power Systems and Sag Mitigation Techniques by Eng H M Wijekoon, CEBevent confirmed
0720 Apr 04Presentation on Entrepreneurship in Young Engineers by Dr Hans Wijesuriya, CEO Dialog GSMevent confirmed
0813 May 04Presentation on Process Technology in Sri Lankaevent proposed
0929 May 04Industrial Visit to FDK Lanka, Katunayakeevent proposed
1024-26 Jun 04Regional Conference on ICT and E-Paradigmsevent confirmed
1115 Jul 04Presentation on Consumer expectations with power sector reforms by Dr P N Fernandoevent proposed
1229 Jul 04Worshop on IT/ICT Policy of Sri Lankaevent proposed
13Jun-Aug 04Following Continuing Education Courses to be conducted at the University of Moratuwa (charge per course is Rs 5000 to 8000 for members. Restrictions may apply)
(a) Practical Electronics (Basic course) - 8 Saturdays
(b) Microwave Communications - 3 Saturdays
(c) Optical Communications - 3 Saturdays
(d) Data Communications & Networks - 2 Saturdays
(e) Mobile Communications - 2 Saturdays
events proposed
1428 Aug 04YMS Annual Paper Presentations at the University of Peradeniyaevent confirmed
1518 Sep 04Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinnerevent confirmed
1625 Sep 04Eleventh Annual Conferenceevent confirmed
045.   CALL FOR PAPERS - IEE YMS Sri Lanka - 2004       Posted 09/03/2004
The Annual Younger Member Session will be held at E.O.E Perera Theatre, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Peradeniya on August 28th, 2004. This provides a forum for the presentation of undergraduate and postgraduate project/research work in the following fields. The Secretary IEE YMS Sri Lanka has invited prospective authors to send an abstract of your work before 01st June 2004. An award will be made to the author of the best paper presented at the Sessions on the basis of its content and quality of presentation.
Format for submission of Abstract
Title :
Author(s) :
Institution :
Supervisor :
Address :
Telephone No :
E-mail Address :
Extended Abstract :(Not Exceeding 3 Pages, typed on a single A4 sheet using MS Word, Font - Times New Roman, 12pt)


Deadline for Extended Abstracts - 4 June 2004
Notification of Acceptance -14 June 2004
Proposed date for Sessions - 28 August 2004
All abstracts and other correspondence should be directed to
Secretary, IEE Younger Member's Section, IEE Sri Lanka, IESL Premises, 120/15, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 00700.
E-mail :,
Note: Please Contact your respective Committee Members for more details.
044.   IEE Sri Lanka Workshop for School Children -2004
      Posted 09/03/2004    Updated: 15/03/04
The IEE Sri Lanka has organised the Third Workshop for School Children - a programme for about 120 advanced level students and their teachers (about 10) from a number of schools in the island, mainly from the Sabaragamuwa Province, on Saturday 13th March 2004 at the University of Moratuwa Premises. They are assisted in this venture by the IEE Younger Members Section and the Departments of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering.
Schools taking part
  1. Seevali MMV, Ratnapura
  2. Ferguson MV, Ratnapura
  3. Gankanda MV, Ratnapura
  4. Tholangamuwa MMV, Kegalle
  5. Rajasinghe MMV, Hanwella
  6. Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa
  7. Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya
  8. Hindu College, Bambalapitiya
  9. Methodist College, Colombo
  10. Saivamangaya Vidyalaya, Colombo 6
The programme includes presentations by Senior Staff of the ICE group, undergraduate project presentations and hand-on-sessions.
The First Workshop was held in 2002 for schools in the Western Province and the Second in 2003 for schools in the Southern Province.
043.   Are You Ready Pre-Session 2004       Posted 09/03/2004
The Are You Ready - Pre-Session will be held on Wednesday, 10th March 2004. This is a Grooming Session consisting of a Guest Lecture programme for the graduating batch of students on topics such as, The Pre-Session will set the stage for the main Are You Ready - Career Guidance Programme on Saturday 20th March 2004.
042.   Vacancies for Academic Staff in EE       Posted: 08/03/2004
The Registrar, University of Moratuwa has entertained applications from suitably qualified persons up to 08th April, 2004 for the posts of Senior Lecturer and Probationary Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering. An Extract of the advertisement and an application form are available on this site.
041.   Oveseas Visits in March       Posted: 08/03/2004
040.   Cricket Triangular - an Update       Posted: 08/03/2004
The Cricket Triangular between the Universities of Moratuwa, Peradeniya and Ruhuna was successfully completed on Friday, with Moratuwa emerging Champions with Moratuwa beating Ruhana in the finals.
039.   Will Complete period of Office in March       Posted: 05/03/2004
038.   Inauguration of the MSc/PGDip in Computer Science & MSc/PGDip in IT
      Posted: 02/03/2004
The joint inauguration of the MSc in Computer Science offered bythe CSE department and the MSc in Information Technology organised by IT Faculty will beheld on 4th March 2004 commencing at 6pm at the BMICH.
The Welcome Address will be delivered by Dr. T. Ashok Peiris, Head, Computer Science & Engineering, followed by addresses by Prof. Dayantha S. Wijeyesekera, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Malik Ranasinghe Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ajith P. Madurapperuma, Dean, Faculty of Information Technology and Prof. Lakshman Ratnayake Guest of Honour - Vice-Chairman, University Grants Commission
The Keynote Address will be delivered by the Chief Guest Mr Shuhei Anan who is the CEO/SLT.
The Vote of thanks will be delivered by Dr VSD Jayasena.
037.   Dr Ranjit Perera appointed Director Undergraduate Studies       Posted: 01/03/2004
Dr Ranjit Perera Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering has been appointed Director Undergraduate Studies of the Faculty of Engineering with effect from today 1st March 2004. He suceeds Dr J M S J Bandara who completed a three year term of office on 29 February 2004.
036.   Vice Chancellor Dayantha hits Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Duleep Mendis for a Six
      Posted: 01/03/2004
The Newly laid turf wicket at the University of Moratuwa Cricket grounds was ceremoniously opened with Professor Dayantha Wijeyasekera hitting Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Duleep Mendis for Six (feet along the ground). Professor Wijesekera also subsequently bowled to Duleep Mendis.

February 2004

035.   Convocation 2004 - An update       Posted: 26/02/2004
This year the Convocation Ceremony for the Award of degrees of the University of Moratuwa will have one Session in the afternoon of 18th March with just over 600 graduating. These comprise of 1 honorary degree of PhD, 2 PhD s, over 118 Master's degrees, 48 Postgraduate diplomas, in addition to the first degrees - Engineering (389), Built Environment (42), and Quantity Surveying (43).
Among these will be 1 MPhil, 9 MEng, 2 PG Dip, and 51 BSc Engineering degrees from the Department of Electrical Engineering.
The Honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy will be presented to G.T. Francis de Silva for his contributions to the University of Moratuwa who will deliver the Convocation Address. The Chancellor's address will be delivered by Dr Ray Wijewardena.
034.   New "Turf" Opening       Posted: 26/02/2004
The newly laid turf cricket pitch of the University of Moratuwa grounds will be ceremoniously opened at 0800 hrs on Monday 1st March 2004in the presence of a distinguished gathering including those from Sri Lanka Cricket. The chief guest for the ocassion will be the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dayantha Wijeyesekera. The Turf costing around half a million Rupees has been donated by Sri Lanka Cricket.
This will be followed by the opening match of the Cricket Triangular Contest for the Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga Challenge Trophy between Moratuwa, Peradeniya and Ruhuna on 1st, 2nd and 3rd March with the final on 5th March on the newly laid turf.
033.   Call for Papers - IESL Annual Sessions 2004       Posted: 23/02/2004
The 98th Annual Sessions 2004 of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka is will be held in October 2004. Technical Papers for the Transactions have been requested by the Executive Secretary, IESL.


Last date for Title of Paper and Abstract (~600 words)- 27 February 2004
Last date for submission of full paper in triplicate- 30 April 2004
The author of the best paper will receive the E O E Pereira Award.
032.   The Spirit of Love - Report in the Sunday Times       Posted: 23/02/2004
[Extract from the Sunday Times, February 22, 2004 - Mirror Magazine, page 11]
"In the true spirit of celebrating love for one another on Valentine's Day, the Electrical Engineering Society (EESoc) of the University of Moratuwa, organised a day of fun and frolic for the students of the School for the Hearing Impaired, Ratmalana, on February 14, at the University Premises..................."
The detailed, almost full page, article in the Mirror Magazine covered the main aspects of the event and had 3 color pictures of the children from the school taking part in activities. [See also our report item 22]
031.   Call for Papers - ERU 2004       Posted: 23/02/2004
The Tenth Engineering Research Unit (ERU) Symposium on Research for Industry 2004 is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 17th August 2004.


Receipt of Extended Abstracts- 1 March 2004
Submission of full paper- 10 May 2004
Completion of Refereeing of full paper- 30 June 2004
Final submission of extended abstracts and full paper for publication- 19 July 2004
Proposed date for conference - 17 August 2004
030.   Call for Papers - IEE Sri Lanka Sessions 2004       Posted: 23/02/2004
The Eleventh Annual Conference of IEE Sri Lanka - 2004 is proposed to be held at Hotel Galadari, Colombo on Saturday 25th September 2004. Papers have been invited for that event.


Last date for receipt of Abstracts- 1 May 2004
Notification of acceptance- 31 May 2004
Last date for submission of full paper- 30 July 2004
Proposed date for conference - 25 September 2004
029.   Talk on Power Quality Research at UofW       Posted: 23/02/2004
Dr Sarath Perera from the University of Wollongong made a presentation on Power Quality, its importance and current research at the University of Wollongong to the Postgraduate students and academic staff of the department of electrical engineering at the Postgraduate room of the department on Friday 20th February 2004. The lecture was followed by a very lively discussion.
028.   Dialog Merit Scholarships Awards Ceremony       Posted: 19/02/2004
The Induction Ceremony of the Dialog GSM Merit Scholarship Progamme, for the April 2003 GCE Advanced Level top performers, took place at the University Grants Commission Board Room today 19th February 2004 in the presence of a distinguished gathering. Among those present were the Secretary to the Ministry of Tertiary Education & Training (Mr Saman Ediriweera), Chairman UGC (Prof B R R N Mendis), Vice Chairman UGC (Prof L L Ratnayake), Dialog GSM CEO (Dr Hans Wijesuriya), Dialog GSM GM Corporate Planning (Mr Mothilal de Silva), acting Dean/Faculty of Engineering - U of M (Prof Rohan Lucas), former Head/Electronic & Telecom - U of M (Dr Dileeka Dias), former Commissioner General of Examinations (Mr A M R B Amarakoon).

Awards were given to the best male and best female Advanced Level Performers in the Country and the top Advanced Level performers in each of Sri Lanka’s 25 districts. Each of these scholarships are worth Rs 4000 per month for 48 months.

027.   Russian Academics visit the University       Posted: 17/02/2004
Around 12 Academics and Administrators from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation in Russia visited the University today. They included around 8 Deans of the Faculties of the University and the Rector and the Vice Rector. This high profile academic group are in Sri Lanka as they are interested in having a collaboration with our University.
026.   Overseas Leave       Posted: 17/02/2004
025.   Dr Sarath Perera visits the University       Posted: 17/02/2004
Dr Sarath Perera from the Integral Energy Centre of the University of Wollongong, Australia visited the Department of Electrical Engineering and had discussions with the Head of department and other academic staff.
024.   Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara appointed UNIDO Consultant in Rwanda       Posted: 17/02/2004
Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara has been appointed a UNIDO Consultant on an official UNIDO Mission to train multi-disciplinary team from Rwanda to manage and valorize indigenous energy resources.
The consultancy work in Rwanda includes Capacity Building, Policy making, Training of governemnt officials and engineers, site identification, and implementation processing on community based village hydro power and grid connected village hydro power projects. He has scheduled his mission from March 10th to March 26th 2004.
023.   Cruickshanks Ceylon Donates Protection Equipment       Posted: 17/02/2004
Cruickshanks Ceylon (Private) Limited has donated a number of Electrical/Electronic Relays and accessories valued at around Rupees Four Million to the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Moratuwa. We are extremely grateful to them for this magnanimous gesture in releasing to us surplus equipment, brought for a project at the Investment Promotion Zone, at no cost to us other than the customs duty payable. These modern equipment would otherwise have been outside our budget. We are also grateful for the government for allocating an additional sum of money to the UGC to defray the customs duty payable.
Cruickshanks Ceylon (Private) Limited have also released similar equipment to the Engineering Faculties at the University of Peradeniya and the University of Ruhuna.
022.   The fourth We are With You - an Update       Posted: 16/02/2004
The fourth We are with you programme conducted by the EESoc was successfully concluded on Saturday 14th February 2004. Around 200 students from the Deaf school Ratmalana together with their teachers actively participated in the events. Professor Rohan Lucas, Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi, Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara and Dr Lanka Udawatte participated from the staff of the department. Ms Marie Wijeratne, Pricipal of the deaf school also participated in the programme.

P.S. The principal of the Deaf School was very appreciative of this regular programme. During a discussion about the Quiz programme she indicated that they did not have even a single multi-media projector, but that they would be very useful to them in teaching the deaf. EESoc will open a special account and would like generous donations from wellwishers for purchasing a multimedia projector and or other items for the deaf school to be given to the deaf school as part of the regular We are With You programme.

021.   University of Moratuwa Link down for preventive maintenance       Posted: 16/02/2004
The link to the University of Moratuwa web server and to the departments within the University is down from mid day on Friday 13th February for upgrading of cables. It is hoped that the link would be back up by Monday or Tuesday. Emails sent during this period will I understand be kept at the internet service provider and sent once the link is re-established.
020.   EE Web pages down-dated       Posted: 16/02/2004
The Electrical Engineering homepages had been accidently down-dated (opposite of updated) by about 2 months just a few days ago. A few of my regular readers might have wondered why Christmas greetings appeared in the news item and why all items subsequent to that for the next two months were missing. I understand that while correcting a problem with other web pages on our server an older version had been copied over the new version down-dating the web pages by 2 months. The problem has now been corrected.
019.   We Are With You - An Update       Posted: 10/02/2004
The programme of events for the We are With You programme organised by the students of EESoc on Saturday 14th February 2004 for the Children of the Deaf School, Ratmalana at the University of Moratuwa premises commencing 1200 noon.
018.   Overseas Visits       Posted: 10/02/2004
  1. Prof Malik Ranasinghe,Dean, Engineering will be in Singapore during the week commencing 16th February on an assignment. Prof Rohan Lucas will be acting for him during his absence.
  2. Professor Rohan Lucas has been invited to attend International Membership Advisory Conference at the IEE, Savoy Place, London from 29th to 31st March 2004.
  3. Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara has been invited by the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee to deliver two lectures on Grid Connected Hydro Power and Community based Village Hydro Power at the International course on Small Hydo Development, at the Alternate Hydro Energy Centre in Roorkee on 17th and 18th February 2004.
  4. Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga, Director General, Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka visited Cape Canaveral during an official visit toFlorida in mid January 2004. Perhaps he was on a mission on Restructuring of NASA.
017.   Updated Electrical Engineering Curriculum 2004       Posted: 10/02/2004
The updated Electrical Engineering Curriculum 2004 is now available.
016.   Targeted CV in Presentation Skills       Posted:06/02/2004
The presentation Targeted CV in Presentation Skills is now available.
015.   We are With You! - A Programme for Deaf Children       Posted:06/02/2004
EESoc will be conducting the We are with You! programme for children of the Deaf School, Ratmalana on Saturday 14th February 2004 from 1300 hrs onwards at the University of Moratuwa premises for the fourth year in succession. A large number of children are expected to take part in the memorable events organised for this day.
Click1, click2 for pictures of earlier events.
014.   EESoc Film Festival 2004       Posted:02/02/2004
EESoc has requested me to publicise the fact that EESoc has organised the Film Festival 2004 at the James George Hall, on 9th, 10th, 11th,12th, 16th and 17th February, commencing each day at 1800 hrs.

January 2004

013.   Exercise Your ENGINEERING DESIGN GENIUS       Posted:30/01/2004
TheInstitution of Engineers, Sri Lanka has invited all engineering undergraduates, student members of the IESL and those who have graduated within the past 12 months to take the opportunity to express your talents in Engineering Design and be adequately recognized by entering the Engineering Design Competitition. Those interested may communicate with the Deputy Executive Secretary (IESL) and obtain further details. Clarifications may be sought from the Leader of the Steering Committee Eng Daya Mallawaratchie on Tel 2882992. Closing date for initial proposals is 24th February 2004
012.   Holiday for Hadjj on Monday 2nd February       Posted: 30/01/2004
The Government has declared Monday, 2nd February 2004 as a Public Holiday for Hadjj. Please note that academic activities will continue as normal on Tuesday 3rd February and Friday 6th February.
011.   ABU Robocon 2004 - Seoul, Korea       Posted: 29/01/2004
Dr D A I Munindradasa has requested me to forward the following note to all my students.

"You may already know that a team from University of Moratuwa, representing the country participated in ABU ROBOCON 2002, Robot competetion held in Tokyo Japan.
You all have a similar opportunity in participating in ABU ROBOCON 2004 to be held in Seoul, Korea from 9th to 13th September 2004. The local team selection is conducted in three stages.

Stage 1 - The preliminary design done on paper.
Stage 2 - The viable/most effective Robot Designs will be built and competed locally.
Stage 3 - The winner of stage 2 will be streamlined for the Seoul competetion with contributions from volunteers of the other teams. This is what we followed last time also.
The work team can be of any number. However only THREE from the winning team can participate in Seoul competetion.
For any futher detail, refer to ,
or the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering department's office.
Those who are interested, please hand-in your detailed design report to the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering department's office onor before the 13th of February 2004".
010.   Samanala Web Server crashes       Posted: 23/01/2004
I am sorry to report that the hard disk of our server Samanala crashed and could not be booted. As such our web site has not beenavailable for about two to three days. It has now been re-established but some of the functions may still be non operative. Please report any such problems encountered.
009.   University team develops innovative "SmartCamBCR"       Posted: 14/01/2004
In a ground-breaking move showcasing the country's expertise in developing innovative ICT Solutions, a team from the University of Moratuwa (Team members: E. G. Ruwan Janapriya, K. G. Lasantha, I. Kularathne, P. A. Kosala, G. Pannipitiya and A.G. K. M. Anuruddha Gamakumara. Supervisors: Chathura de Silva and Dr. Nalin Wickramarachchi) has developed a webcam based intelligent barcode reader iSmartCamBCR. SmartCamBCR is an intelligent barcode reader which enables reading barcodes using the ordinary PC. It's fast and accurate algorithm will detect and read automatically when a barcode is present in front of the low-resolution CCD camera (e.g. webcam) which is acting as the only input device.
This product won an award under the Tertiary Student Projects category at The Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) 2003 held in Bangkok, Thailand. Extract from the Online edition of Daily News - Business - University team develops innovative "SmartCamBCR" by Sudarshana Perera
008.   Wednesday Program on Friday 20th February      Posted: 09/01/2004
Due to the comparatively large number of holidays falling on Wednesdays, the Faculty of Engineering has decided that a Wednesday Program will be conducted on Friday the 20th February 2004
007.   " ARE YOU READY..?" - CAREERS DAY - 2004      Posted: 09/01/2004
are you readyAre You Ready..? - Careers Day program of the University of Moratuwa has been planned by the Career Guidance Unit and the University-Industry Interaction Cell in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa for the Saturday 20th March 2004. This event is planned with the main objective of strengthening the relationship between the university, the corporate/state sector and the undergraduates. During the Program, graduands are also interviewed with both the intent of employment as well giving an insight to the industrial interview procedure and the opportunity of facing an interview.
006.   Industrial Training - Level 3 (01 Batch)       Posted: 08/01/2004
The Director/Industrial Training has informed that all BSc Engineering Level 3 (2001 Batch) students scheduled to undergo Industrial Training from 26th January 2004 for 24 weeks should collect their Letters of Placement and Daily Diaries on Monday 12th January 2004 at the Civil Engineering Auditorium at 1230 hrs. NAITA representatives will be available for this purpose. Each student will be required to pay Rs 30/= for the daily diary. Field Representatives have been advised to assist.
005.   Supplication for General Convocation      Posted: 08/01/2004
graduateNotice of Supplication for the General Convocation 2004 to be held on 18th March 2004 has been published. The closing date for supplications is 31 January 2004. The supplication fee for the first degree is Rs 650/- while for postgraduate degrees is Rs 850/-. Supplication form for the first degree pdf format / html format(on white paper) and postgraduate degrees pdf format(on pink paper) are available at this site. Official forms can be obtained from the SAR/Examinations.
004.   EESoc Seminar "Energy and Energy Policy" - Postponed to 06 Jan 04      Posted: 05/01/2004
Mrs Sudha Mahalingam has been held up at the airport. Assuch the Seminar sheduled for 1600 hrs today has been rescheduled for 0845 hrson Tuesday 6th January 2004 at the Textile Auditorium.
003.   EESoc Seminar on "Energy and Energy Policy"       Posted: 02/01/2004
Mrs Sudha Mahalingam who is a Senior consultant to the Ministry of Power and Energy (India), working for the energy security division will deliver a talk on Energy and Energy Policy. Ms Mahalingam is also an Energy Journalist in leading power magazines in India. She is also a leading figure in energy policy, nuclear power sector in India and most of the Indian delegations in international forums.
Participation is open to all academic staff, academic support staff and students of the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments.
The talk has been organised by the EESoc and the Center for Energy Studies of the University of Moratuwa.
Date: Monday 5th January 2004
Venue: Textile Auditorium
Time: 1600 - 1700 hrs
002.   New Students Center       Posted: 02/01/2004
The Cafetaria of the new Student Center was ceremoniously opened by Mr Milroy Perera, Council Member in the presence of a distinguished gathering of staff, students and well-wishers.
001.   New Year Greeting s and Blessings       Posted: 02/01/2004
bulath The University commenced work on 1st January 2004, with a multi-religious ceremony at which addresses were made by religious dignataries from the Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Islam religions. This was followed by talks from the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar and the award of long service medals to those who had served the University for long periods (25 years, 30 years and 35 years). Thereafter the Vice Chancellor hosted everyone for Kiribath, Kavum and other traditional food. /blockquote>
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